Dear Diary

February 6, 2012
To my dearest diary,

This is the day.
The day I finally get set free from all this pain.
No more surgeries,
No more chemo.

Everybody keeps telling me to hold on,
You'll make it through.
But they have no idea
How painful it is just to breath.
Every part of me just wants to go to a better place.

I know they are all lying to me
When they say only a few more treatments.
Only a few more till it's all gone.

The monster that's consumed my very mind.
It's already too late.
He's got me in his grasp and won't let go,
And never will.

I know everyone'll miss me,
But in the end they'll know I'm in a better place.
All I can see now is the little gun by my side.
These are my last words to you diary and the whole world.

Picking up the gun
She held it as if it were a little baby.
This was her last and final option.
She wanted to take the painless way.
All she could think about was what heaven might look like.

Less than an hour later her family came home.
They knew she'd be home,
But they weren't expecting this.
Her mother walked into the room and screamed.
Her older brother couldn't even look.
He knew it was all over.

One week later her boyfriend found a note in his mailbox from her.

Dear Baby,

I know you thought I'd be strong and hold out.
But I couldn't handle the pain any longer.
I hope you'd never hate me by the end.
I did this for me, only me.
Just know I loved you all the way to the end.
I'll see you again. I promise.
With love,

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