Doooood that's waz up

February 6, 2012
By Anonymous

Just so you know I can rhyme for days
I'll leave your mind in a haze
I could probably be a famous rapper
After reading this you'll be running to the crapper
I'll grab your girl and poke her in the eye
It's not with my finger, but it's above my thigh
Yeah, I'm talking about my thumb
If you thought anything different then you are dumb
Don't you worry I make people feel dumb all the time
Because they don't know I'm a master of the rhyme
All my haterz they cry and they mope
Just because my rhymes are hella dope
So, I know you all had enough
This is getting kinda rough
So while your all thinking I'm hott stuff
I'll end this here and that ain't no bluff

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