February 8, 2012
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i watch her fade away
knowing tomorrow she won't remember a thing i said
she won't even remember i was here
what a terrible sickness
to take away your memories
to take away your past
every day, gone as if it never happened
can't remember as much as lunch that was only an hour ago
she answers the phone to her daughter, and doesn't recognize the voice
no idea it's the child she raised and always knew
her sister walks in and its simply a familiar face
no clue this is the woman she spent her childhood with
her granddaughter walks in looking for her grandmother
the one who saw her grow up
and now doesn't know her name
i walk in to see my aunt
she has a look of recognizing me
but she has no clue who i truly am
doesn't know my name
does she think i'm my mother
or just another girl shes seen before
she's so confused at where she is and what to do
this isn't Mary Frances
this is just someone who resembles her
this couldn't be my aunt
my grandmothers sister
we've lost all but a little bit of her to Alzheimer's
and we will never get her back
i don't want to see her this way
i want to remember her for who she was in all my memories
i want to remember the amazing woman she was
and always will be in my heart.

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Luna3952 said...
Feb. 18, 2012 at 4:14 pm
AWWWW!!!!!! I Know you love her!!! I understand how that feels losing someone to that horrbile desease!! knowing you, i know you can show her how much you truly love her!!! your are amazing at loving and caring for people!!! and i love you so much for it!!
LoganMarie14 said...
Feb. 18, 2012 at 4:07 pm
This is really beautiful Rebecca.. and I know she loves you. She's still the same in heart and memory, even though she can't remember. This shows how much you really care for her, and how amazing of a person she is. (:
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