The Pale Hand

February 6, 2012
By KaseyCossolotto GOLD, Moravia, Iowa
KaseyCossolotto GOLD, Moravia, Iowa
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“Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.”

In my times of darkness
When my soul had given up and abandoned me
And no breath found its way into my life
When no life coursed through my veins
And simply nothing was in my eyes
The Pale Hand rested upon my shoulder
And traced down my cheek
It showed me the light
And dried all my tears

In my times of anger
When my soul burned fiery red
And my life’s breath formed furious screams
When only hatred coursed through my veins
And only blackness filled my eyes
The Pale Hand rested over my heart
And moved slowly along my spine
It showed me a way to calm myself
And stopped me from hurting someone

In my times of weakness
When no light shown upon my soul
And my breath was cold and shallow
When my life seemed pointless and broken
And only tears were in my eyes
The Pale Hand rested under my chin
And tipped my head up
It took a tight hold of me
And pull me back onto my feet

In my times of loneliness
When no one was there to feed my soul
And my breath was the only one I heard
When my life was the only on around
And my eyes saw no one there with me
The Pale Hand took my hand softly
And gently patted my knee
It let me know it was there
And I would never be alone

In my times of confusion
When my soul rattled inside me
And my breath carried curses of my lack of knowledge
When my life seemed to be a big joke
And my eyes shut tight in concentration
The Pale Hand opened my eyes
And pointed towards the solution I knew all along
It lead me to the answer
And restored peace in my mind

In my times of happiness
When my soul flew like a bird on the breeze
And my breath burst forth in melodious laughter
When my life was simply wonderful
And my eyes glowed with a loving smile
The Pale Hand… was not there
And it was there, in part, letting me be myself
It never shows when I’m not in need
And I know it will always be there, only to help

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem to express feelings towards the idea of a guardian angel. Some people believe, some don't, but I feel that the poem is comforting, and relate-able, as most everyone has, or at least should have someone in their lives that watch over them, and care for them.

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