February 6, 2012
By Anonymous

Love is just a silly game in his eyes. When he says i love you it just words don't come from his heart. Nothing but lies and a simple echo that repeats from his mouth. Say i love you all you want it just a echo that someone shout over a moutin. Can you hear your self keep spoting your lies i am not listening before. Those lies that once was the words that sung me up in moring now means nothing to me just a nightmere. We once was a dream couple now your nothing but a shadow that appears when there sun light out. He says i am his only girl the apple of his eye but i'm just the girl you keep coming to whenever you fail and no other girl will take you. Your my yesterday news thats once was my world was now the yesterday news my old trash that i don't want. Find another girl that will listen to your lies and have open arms to you whenever you fail because mine is closed now and i am in someone else arms now and he actally sees me for me and won't ever do those stupid lies you love to play.

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