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If We Could See Silence

February 6, 2012
By ebj.2014 PLATINUM, St. John, Washington
ebj.2014 PLATINUM, St. John, Washington
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through the worlds glassy window
and painted horizon
is where you will see me,
huddled against a faded sun,
shivering into its dying rays,
counting seconds that still tick in my head even without a clock.

those who walk amongst sparkling skyscrapers
with manicured hands and glossy lips
scoff at my love for delicacy,
their stilettos dropping like anchors on concrete,
their cell phones drowning the city,
clouding the air.

they are the ones who crave sound,
desire constant motion, affection.
their boisterous laughs ring endlessly through my hollow ears like echoes across
the stillest sea.

they are the ones who have seen it,
who have been consumed by it;
but can you be consumed by something
that is nothing?

under a pale blue sky
it is hard to see a calm moment,
but if your eyes peered through
my creaky wooden door, hanging ajar,
you would see what it did to me.

it gathered my salty tears
and hung them in its arms
for me to see and never forget.
it devoured my voice,
stole the fire's crackle,
robbed the rain's patter,
choked the softest whisper.

if we could see silence,
you could behold what accepts me
and find where i hide.
somewhere beyond the clouds is where i lie,
my life forever paused,
my sentences incompl-

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on Feb. 21 2012 at 1:09 pm
AzureExplosion421 BRONZE, Appleton, Wisconsin
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That was amazing! Good work. Very descriptive and thoughtful. Could you comment on my poem called "the breeze"? Im new to poetry so i need some feedback

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