February 2, 2012
Talking to you was the only way to save me from reality; from life. When we don't talk I feel like something was pushed into my chest; like I was stabbed by a knife. You say we were best friends; say that your the best thing that happened to me. But maybe something went wrong; maybe our friendship wasn't meant to be. You picked me up when I fell down; you let me know you were there when no one else was around. But where are you now to save me from my reality; to save me from what's come to be. Did I blind you by my selfishness; did I make it to where you couldn't see. I'm hurting now and your the one that cannot be found? Reality is washing over me; its taking me under. Today is when I realize you were never good for me; I started to wonder. I think its time to surrender, time let go of this fight. I'm letting reality win ; I'm taking myself from sight.

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