A petal of the moon

February 4, 2012
By ghostpoet BRONZE, Columbia, Missouri
ghostpoet BRONZE, Columbia, Missouri
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The sky moon sings
Wanes with the sky
For changing time
Ever going
Through seasons it comes and goes
Beautiful and passionate
That white star of bright
Moon tries to light
But with lending sun
It rains down shadowed sparkles
But through day hidden
Its glory never seen
When mercy rays of sun come
To know the mystery of moon
Ever going
Ever there
Never here

But flower petals turn and turn
Only to fade to none
Beauty and hope
This white bloom
Changing to grow
Willing to be rose
This rose of roses
It hopes
It fears
It comes
It goes
But when ready to show
More peaceful is nothing
Than the red rose bloom
Its curves
Its soft edge
Music swaying to match allure of heart
Its vision to be
Its vision to come
Its enchanted power to be glorious to show moon
With the moon
Being the moon
Like Love flowing in river
It flows life through
Through eternity
As entity as attraction evermore
Glamor never shows
But to heart it reach
Just as if reaching from thorn and petal
This rose
So sweet and innocent
But looks deceive
These thorns of terror
Crying pain
Crushing dreams
No peace
Hollow fate
When thorn upon
Ragged cut
And knifes edge do it stab
The heart
The essence
Of blood and Love spilled
To never plenish more
Never to see again
The passion past masks
Never to set upon dreaming
To moon rising
Dark swallowing
Never showing the blood bathed beauty
But to drown never life again
To never tell the controlled existence
Of this moon rose
Ever waning and waxing
Ever changing

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