Everyone Will Remember Me

February 4, 2012
As I am writing at the table near the window
A lot of memories are rushing through my mind
I think of the times when I had the freedom to move around
I look back three years from now that my life has change
I am not the same person as I was back then
The life of mine is mines and only mines

No one can ever be me
Forever the soul of mine will be remembered
I will leave my mark so that everyone will know that
I made a difference in their lives
I have changed the society into something magnificent
It changed from a community of hatred to loving one another

I think of the times when I was beaten
I felt isolated from the outside world
I was in excruciating pain
My whole body ached
It felt like my breath was being taken away from me
My life was its last and the last that everyone would remember of me

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