February 4, 2012
By anjag BRONZE, Olathe, Kansas
anjag BRONZE, Olathe, Kansas
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He's keeping the pages away from the storm
He's watching her just to see where she'll go
He's saying she's beautiful, kind, and true
Even though she knows he's just saying it, saying it

He moved away a few years ago
The tears weighed much more than the cargo
She shrank without food, without water, without love
She lost her belief in the relief above

That look in his eyes if he'd see her now
The haunting laughingstock of town
The dork, the nerd, the jock's distress
No one sees the best of her

He never did see the blood seep away
He never could sweep the pain astray
The only way out was to end the strife
She didn't know there was more to life

And now that he's home, he saw what he took
She's buried now, and the gravestone reads
“You took the best of me, and I hope you see
That I could never have been who I was without you.”

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