Find me in this Sea

February 4, 2012
By JustChristy94 SILVER, Lewisville, North Carolina
JustChristy94 SILVER, Lewisville, North Carolina
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"Never Regret Anything Because At One Time It Was Exactly What You Wanted."

Blanketed in darkness; nowhere else to go
Stuck in this little boat; swishing to and fro
Angry waves beat down; destroying the wooden boards
Slowly and surely this boat will sink
And no life jacket I have found.
Stretched to its end; a rope has been tied
Tethered unto a passing vessel; still no light has been shone
Fighting against the pushing waves; reaching for the right choice
To stay aboard this little ship and fight against the roaring storm
Or to climb the rope and abandon my lost Hope.
Slapping against my tired face; the waves push against me
Jumping from boat one to ship two; in hopes of a smile
Slowly the vessel tackles the waves; battling for freedom
Surrounded in rage the small abandoned Hope succumbs to forces
Forever lost in the roaring sea; but my savior battles on
On into the storm, a smile I found on deck
Yet the sea goes on into eternity; forever we will fight our way out
Blanketed in darkness; nowhere else to go.

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