Letters Of Love

February 4, 2012
By Anonymous

A is for a gentle kiss on the cheek.
B is for you being by my side when I need you.
C is for the complications that we get through.
D is for dancing gracefully about the room.
E is for enjoying ever moment we have together.
F is for finding such a gentlemen as you.
G is for getting close to you every chance I get.
H is for helping me all the way through.
I is for ingesting my love into your heart.
J is for the jokes we always shared.
K is for the kindness that you brought to me.
L is for loving me more as the days go by.
M is for making my life worth while.
N is for never breaking my heart, even a crack.
O is for being open to me in every single way.
P is for peering at me through the corner of your eye.
Q is for the quietness as your lips meet mine.
R is for reaching out to me and grabbing my hand.
S is for sending me chills down my spine.
T is for taking the time to love me for who I am.
U is for the unbelievable hugs you always give me.
V is for a vast amount of energy, in everything we do.
W is for waking me with a warming kiss to the forehead.
X is for X-cellence every time you sweet talk me.
Y is for the young feeling you always kept inside of me.
Z is for me zooming in on life, giving me a better perspective.

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