Coffee in a Winter Wonderland

February 4, 2012
By jynx-the-dragon BRONZE, Douglasville, Georgia
jynx-the-dragon BRONZE, Douglasville, Georgia
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Jack Frost is knocking at our doorsteps, his frost and snow
Creating a winter wonderland. The warm, tantalizing smells of coffee
Fill me with a sense of home, as I take off my red woolen mittens.
I see the golden glow from the fire; the logs crackle as I pass the fireplace.
I rest my frozen body in your leather chair
Thinking back on all those memories we made.

I think of the cookies the children and I made.
How we would watch the grandchildren make angels in the snow.
I still can see you smoking cigars, with your poker buddies, in your leather chair
While I make the guests a cup of your famous chocolate coffee.
I remember cuddling into your chest as we watched the fire dance in the fireplace.
In the winter when it is still cold, I still use those red mittens

That I knitted all those years ago. Those tacky, red, woolen mittens
That took me months to knit. You tried to choke back your laughter when I showed you what I made.
As I sit in your soft leather chair by the fireplace,
I remember how we first met in the snow.
My car broke down during a blizzard when you found me as I was on my way to buy some more coffee.
You offered me to stay at your home promising me coffee and a comfy leather chair.

When we arrived to your cottage, you brought me inside and sat me down on your promised chair.
You took off my wet coat and scolded me for not having any warm mittens.
You chuckled in your deep baritone when I asked you for that promised coffee.
The sweet carols from the radio were drifting me to sleep before the coffee was made
Lulling me into unconsciousness with Frank Sinatra, singing Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
When I woke up, you were curled up on the floor reading by the fireplace,

And I imagined myself, years later on, snuggling into your side watching the fire dance in the fireplace.
You looked up from the floor to my place on your chair.
As I stared into your warm chocolate eyes, a blush filled my cheeks resembling being kissed by snow.
You said, “I really wish you didn’t have to leave, especially without some woolen mittens”.
You insisted I had to stay especially when I never got to taste the coffee you made.
I promised to stay (forever in my mind), and we talked over your famous chocolate coffee.

Fifty years, four kids, and nine grandkids later, even with you not here, I still drink your chocolate coffee.
So many memories, both bitter and sweet, cycle through my mind as I gaze into the fireplace.
In our winter wonderland cottage, I think of the incredible memories we made.
I still can see your smiling face, when I tell you the kids are coming over, as you sit in your leather chair.
The embers from the fire still make me think of my tacky red mittens.
I still see our grandchildren making angels in the snow.

I finish my cup of coffee,
Look back into the fireplace,
And smile back at all those lovely memories we made.

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