February 4, 2012
By djb2009 BRONZE, Arlington, Virginia
djb2009 BRONZE, Arlington, Virginia
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Too hard to resist
I cannot break free
It reels me back in
Fight though I may
It is too strong

Too hard to say no
To give in feels so good
Can it be wrong?
I am told so
But how do they know
What is best?

To whom do I turn?
So many give in
they dare not resist
others say that they sin
but have they felt it’s strength?
They know not it’s gravity

I am told it is wrong
But are they immaculate?
Who are they to judge
I am told it is right
But who are they to know
They seek only to redeem their ways

Am I wrong to give in?
Am I wrong to resist?
Shall I be struck blind
or destroyed for my deeds?
Or have I been born
this way to give up, to concede?

I have been given an answer
Neither refutable nor absurd
It is found in His Book
It is based in His Word
“God makes no mistakes”
but we most certainly do
and to say otherwise is wrong

To give in is to sin
To resist is upright
But He knows its strength
That it is too hard to fight

So he gives us relief
We need only ask
He takes up our burdens our sins and our strife
His wont is to help us
to fight the good fight
All this he gives freely to those who request
In return for our love and devotion

So I shall recognize my err
I must acknowledge my sins.
I will ask him for help
For He will always be there
No one is perfect, except for Him
So I will grow rooted
Lest I look back
And turn into a briny pillar

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