I am Free

February 4, 2012
You drag me through the panel doors
There is no way out
I pry your strong fingers
As I scream and I shout

You've succeeded
and I am now trapped
Hungry and alone
In the face I was slapped

You've concealed me in your womb
Hidden and unheard
Oh how I long for the sun
And the sweet cries of the birds

I'm under your watch
And you have stolen my soul
But I'm stronger than that
And from that foal I have grown

I'm now a flaming stallion
Brisk, wild, and free
You think I'm your pet?
Well I control me

Like a leader should be
I'm mighty, I'm fierce
And those clothes you are wearing
They are incredibly sheer

The doors I break
With my Stallion strength
I'm unstoppable
At any length

I break out of your kingdom
And I'm finally free
Running like the wind
Nobody surpasses me

I'm now a flaming stallion
Brisk, wild, and me
I'm nobody's pet
Because I am strong
and I am free

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