February 3, 2012
By , bronx, NY
Mixed emotions
i wish i could mix a potion that would make this all illusory
I fantasize about another life
What it would be like growing up like someone else
Would i be poor or sick with wealth?
Would i be hideous or beautiful
Beauty so far gone one couldn't describe.
But ive been told i fantasize too much.
What about love?
What would it feel like?
Would it be like me and you?
No never.
What we have isn't love...
I love you but you don't love me..
Its unfortunet that you lied to me and said today together we would be
I'm disappointed in myself for believing you
now I'm screwed.
So you?
Do you...
I mean do you miss me?
I doubt it.
I fantasied about the females you are with when you are with me.
they look like Nanny MacPhee
my anger begins to over whelm
and now i cant breathe
you wont care.
I'm the last thing on your mind.
And even though i know i wont stop loving you..

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