A Poem Entitled Life

February 3, 2012
Death is imminent,
But life—
Life is a gift.
You must cherish it.
Treat it with the utmost respect.
And hold onto it.
As long as possible.
Don’t ask for death,
Because it will inevitably come.
It’s waiting.
Always waiting.
It’s wanting.
Always wanting you.
The regret will be immense.
Not for you.
You’re dead.
You can’t regret.
But your family—
They will be left behind.
Left behind to clean up after you.
Everyone will hate you for what you’ve done.
They’ll blame themselves.
It’s your fault.
But they won’t blame you.
You’re dead.
How can it be your fault?
All in all,
Don’t take your life.
It will rid you of your problems,
But it will create more—
For everyone else.
Everyone you left alive.
Don’t try to be God.
Don’t take Fate into your own hands.
Don’t leave me.
I need you here.
You need to be here.
Don’t go.

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