Girl in the Mirror

February 3, 2012
By CreativeWriter86 PLATINUM, None, Louisiana
CreativeWriter86 PLATINUM, None, Louisiana
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One day I will be who I wanna be, no one will tell ME what to do, it will be MY life that I will live for myself.

I tried to forget about you today
And yesterday I did too and as for tomorrow
It will bring back memories too

I hate to say it’s over
I hate to say it’s through
But you know what else I hate
The things that you do

You did those things to me, it hurt
And the things you did to them hurt too
But who you really hurt most of all was the girl in the mirror

You won’t leave my mind
And you won’t leave my phone
And you definitely won’t leave my house because everything reminds me of you

Why won’t you go away, you caused much harm you see
You hurting everyone…..And me
But remember when you hurt someone else you cause more trouble than the eye can see
Because truthfully the girl in the mirror, looks quite pathetic to me

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