House Across the Street

February 3, 2012
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It stands in front of me like a small but nonetheless sturdy kingdom
There’s a certain charm about it.
The triangular frame of the door
Miniscule windows
Moss covered steps
Green shrubbery icrawling up the chalky cement like a caterpilar
And a gray slated roof

Not exactly cheerful,
But oddly beautiful

I’m intrigued
And want to find out who lives there
I have a strange desire to go up and knock
On the brown door with the gold knocker

That feeling- the one you get when you just know you're looking at something really special,
something timeless

Tucked inside were a million secrets,
someone’s entire life neatly folded in
to the walls
and the attic
and the broken fireplace

This house knew everything about the people inside

The breeze wafts through gently
Lifting a piece of hair from my face

I need to get closer

Scoot down one step

Squint at the house

Down another step
I rest my hand on the vibrant green grass
Little blades poking through my fingers

I start to stand up,
Trying to get closer
But then sit down again
Maybe that’s the beauty of something special
Not knowing what’s there

Just appreciating it’s existence

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