The Seasons Around Me

February 3, 2012
By CrissiSue BRONZE, Over The Rainbow, Indiana
CrissiSue BRONZE, Over The Rainbow, Indiana
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There is forest behind my kingdom.
I could roam where my feet would choose.
Here, and there, all around in nature.
learning about the surrounding adventures.
The cushion on the green soft grass.
Soft whisper of the trees.
The taste of fresh berries,
Watching the birds and bees kiss the flowers.
To hear the symphony of the animals rustling about.
The feeling of comfort and safety in my green wonderland.
Its a hard thing to understand, if you’ve never experienced the way of the forest.
Summer is the warm blanket that shelters you from harm.
When the sky’s turn gray,
there is a chill in the new found morning.
The leaves on my trees are turn colors and wave good bye.
The leaves glide to the ground,
the graceful trip isn’t long.
They will be back next year.
Autumn is the pre-show before the concert.
The chilly days turn to cold.
The trees are naked, with nothing to hide their branches
Except for a spiky green tree that’s shaped like a triangle.
If you grab it too hard, It could hurt you.

The author's comments:
I love the seasons... they were my influences.

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