The Circle of Doom

February 3, 2012
By xXstephanXx BRONZE, Struthers, Ohio
xXstephanXx BRONZE, Struthers, Ohio
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He looks around,
They’re all around him.
He feels drowned,
They’re all around him
He can’t get out

It started with a joke,
A cruel and foolish one,
But now they take it serious,
Every single one.

They started their little chant,
So he tried to get out.
Then they pushed and shoved him
Then his bag opens,
And his things crowd the floor.

They just laughed harder,
They just laughed more.
Its time for him to end this,
And close this torturous door.

So he pushed them back,
He insults them more,
He pushed his way out
Of their little circle of doom
He walked away
Laughing to himself

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