Dear You:

February 3, 2012
By AxelCloud BRONZE, Griffin, Georgia
AxelCloud BRONZE, Griffin, Georgia
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Whispered words, tear a wanted soul; while spoken words kill a broken heart

Dear You,
The Flame of your words injure me. I am crippled from the biting need to be with you again. To feel your warmth around me, and to be able to curl protectively around you.

But i should have known that you no longer looked to me with love but of almost a sever pain. It injured me even more.

Yet you were with me until my barbs bit too deep and you finally left. leaving me to realize what I'd lost.

The next day i saw you with him burned me. I cried. I cut. My skin bled, i attempted but failed. My day was ruined, I wanted nothing but someone to hold, and to be held by.

I still cry every night that i dream of you. I miss your body and i miss your voice. If i ever had a chance i would turn around and change every single thing i did wrong. I would turn a new leaf over and go slow and do everything you wanted of me.

If only i could, Yet you seem so happy with him so i stay away and keep from you.

I'd carve your name in my arm if my blade was sharp enough. My heart is already scarred over and toughened by your spite.

I just thought I'd tell you my thoughts...


The author's comments:
I wrote it after a bad break up with my ex girlfriend.

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