Gone From My Life

February 3, 2012
By Josey14 SILVER, Guilford, Indiana
Josey14 SILVER, Guilford, Indiana
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Footprints of ours
that fade away in the sand.
Waves of the ocean that
crash over each one.
Making our footprints disappear
as if nothing was ever there.
I sit alone on this cold, windy day
wondering why they have not
It makes me sad to think
about how those footprints of ours
will never be again.
I have tried many times before
to make the imprints of our feet
come back into the sand.
But nothing ever works
to make them stay.
I just wish that I could see
those footprints one more time.
One after the other down the
shoreline of our favorite beach.
Unfortunately I know that the footprints
in the sand are never going to return.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem because i always hear happy stories of people getting married, engaged, or fall in love on the beach. So i decided to write a poem of how some people's experiences might happen.

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