February 3, 2012
The one thing that I cannot stand is a liar.
They are unfaithful and mischievous.
They tell you whatever it is you want to hear.
They cannot be trusted.
How foolish of me to think that you weren't one.
All of the lies you told,
Not once did I realize,
That misleading look in your eyes,
You said you'd never leave and every word, I believed.
When you said that I was perfect,
I actually thought you meant it,
But instead you took my heart and broke it and bent it.
How could I have been so blind?
I guess I thought it was love that I would find.
Confusion and heartache is so hard to take,
While trying to keep my heart from breaking,
Your reason for leaving was not fair,
It's what caused me to be in so much despair,
Obviously you were grateful for all that I did for you,
Since everything that you said to me was not true,
So now I've come to see,
That a liar is what you will always be.

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