Tears of Teasing

February 5, 2012
By , Arlington, TX
She goes to school like any other day,
Except today is worse than yesterday.
Her books are slammed to the ground
Like someone spiked a ball in volleyball.
She picks up her book quickly as if
Nothing happened.

This boy comes over to ask if she’s alright,
She looks at him then walks away,
Making sure she’s not endangering him.
As she walks down the hall she’s
Being watched like a hawk.
No move can go unnoticed.

Opening her locker is the true challenge,
No one can withhold slamming her locker shut.
As she comes out of class she’s called names.
Rather than sticking up for her,
Everyone just sits back and laughs.
Laughing is their second nature, they just cant help it.

Its time to go home and she rushes to safety,
At least that’s what she thinks.
When she gets home and gets on face book,
There are 87 notifications, dirty words and names appear on her wall.
You’re uglier than an ugly duckling, words are haunting her.a
She sits in a corner and cries until she falls asleep.

When she awakes, she feels as if she cant take it anymore.
She goes to the medicine cabinet and writes a note.
They didn’t expect her to do it,
They didn’t expect for me to get escorted away,
Police sirens and all,
Because the note only said my name.

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