No such thing as too young. (Happy Valentines Day Gaston)

February 3, 2012
By Anonymous

I know they say we are too young,
To be in love,
But baby,
If this wasn’t love,
Why do I lose my breath when I look at you?
Why do you still make me nervous?
Why would I do anything for you?

Oh Gaston,
I get this feeling whenever we kiss,
Like a million little fireworks.
Whenever I see your smile,
I melt.
And when you say my name,
I think my heart skips a beat.
Only love,
Can make me feel like this.

If I didn’t love you,
You wouldn’t be my everything.
You are my ever shining light,
Brighten up my darkest days.
You are always there armed with a joke,
And a hug.
You are my superhero,
Saving me from my house, from my life.
You’re my love,
Reason my heart beats
Reason I smile.
Reason I love.

This is obviously love,
Happy Valentines Day Gaston <3

The author's comments:
This is a poem for my fantastic boyfriend, Gaston.

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