If I Created the World

February 8, 2012
By clazar319 BRONZE, Maitland, Florida
clazar319 BRONZE, Maitland, Florida
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if i created the world
the sun would be orange
so that it was bright enough to light the sky
but dull enough so you could gave into its reflection
as it shimmers throughout the day.
if i created the world there'd be money on trees
so even the poorest of families could
have just enough to eat each mean everyday.
and the stars would paint a picture across the sky,
and it becomes bore intricate
as more and more children blow out that candles and make a wish.

if i had created the world
spiders and snakes would be as harmless
as a clown, as silly as a fly
or would that be the other way around?
well if i created the world
there'd be a laugh track to ever joke
so even the worst of riddles
would get a chuckle.

if only i had created the world
the guy would always get the girl
and happily ever wouldn't only be in fairy tales.
because if i had created the world
every child would have two sets of arms
to bathe and to cuddle.
to tickle and to feed.

you see when i create the world
you get to decide your own destiny
which will be better than any fantasy
my mom and dad ever read to me
to make me feel like there's a whole
world to look forward to each morning.
and that each night, the monster's under my
bed go to a party, so they're far too busy
to come out a mess with me.

but if i created this world
each note would be perfectly in tune
and each boy and girl would have a piano
to write their own song
to decide their own destiny
to create their own world.

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