Unheald Scars

February 8, 2012
By Pleione BRONZE, Brookln, New York
Pleione BRONZE, Brookln, New York
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Every night I used to tell the moon "goodnight" But i guess it never heard me because it never went to sleep.... oh well....i guess I'll try again tonight...

Naïve and pure, smitten by love,
Every day made golden by the purest rays of childhood,
Caused her to fall deeply in love with friendship,
And all to quickly her best friend.

All good things unmistakably come to an end.
Spending nights crying to the moon,
Realizing there’s no pain to match that of losing a friend.
Spiraling down a never-ending hole she’s unwillingly dug herself .

In the depths of her despair, or so she thought,
There was a light ahead of her, assuming it was the end of the tunnel.
She makes the jump, hoping she made the best decision.
Causing her to trip and hit hard, not even sure of what she was feeling.

Just before going pass the point of no return,
Her eyes open to observe the tool she’s created in him.
Trying to build a foundation on lies built from depression,
No wonder it always blew away in the whispers.

Longing to feel the silk of his skin against hers;
To be enclosed between his masculine arms;
To nest and create a home on this foundation;
To be secure and stable was her little prayer.

All she could do was long for such pleasures.
Watching from a distance as what she desired was being pulled away from her.
Dry tears pour from the windows to her soul as the gap cultivates,
But she can never make audible cries; he never truly belonged to her in the first place.

Opened her heart three times too many,
Only now discarding her God-given emotions to be shared with others,
Marching on only for the sake of having too much existence at the end of her life…
Some things time can’t heal…

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