February 2, 2012
By Princess0409 SILVER, Riverton, Illinois
Princess0409 SILVER, Riverton, Illinois
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I feel empty inside like a part of me is no longer there. I threw the great friendship we had right up in the air. No more talking; and knowing I can lean on you. Because of me there's nothing left I can do. I spoke my mind, I did what I felt was right. The true answer was hidden, it was outta sight. I made a mistake that won't go away. You made a promise to me that everything would be okay. I ruined it all, i can't stop the tears. Losing you was one of my biggest fears. You were one of my best friends, you were there when I was down. For the longest time you were the only one around. I wish I could take back what I said, erase the text that I sent, the text that you read. I'm sorry I said words that I didn't mean. But to you that's prolly not how it would seem. I just want to get rid of the emptiness inside of me, but I need back my friend, the friend you used to be.

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