February 9, 2012
By skatergirl18 BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
skatergirl18 BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
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"succes is nothing if you did'nt earn it"

I'm a prisoner in my own fairytale i try to escape the pain in the end i fail who would have thought he would be the one i grow to hate perhaps destiny or maybe fate but my prince charming is now the one i fear most it's like he is the tick and i am the host but instead of blood he's draining my happiness I'm not sure i can keep putting up with this i say I'm done the i turn around and take hI'm back my friends and family aren't okay with that so why do i do it beats the hell out of me i would trade this broken heart any day for a bruised knee anything would be better than this i guess that's why they say happiness is bliss

The author's comments:
This poem is about me and a boyfriend who i have dated on and off for 5 years the pain of loving someone and in return he says he loves me but just hurts me and instead of me standing my ground i keep going back to him

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