I wonder

February 2, 2012
By Creech204 GOLD, Middletown, Ohio
Creech204 GOLD, Middletown, Ohio
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As I sit here with you on my mind
I don’t know what to do anymore
Who to tell or even love
I wonder why she made it stop
All she caused was hurt
I want to tell you so many things
Things that are holding me back
So all I can do is wonder
I miss you!
I looked up to you
To the things you have done good or bad
I didn’t care I looked up to you
I have no choice now but to wonder
Why did she push us a part?
I thought you cared about me
We where so close
We weren’t just friends
But more like brother and sister
An older brother to look up to
I miss you everyday!
I wonder if you can see the pain
The pain from you not being by my side
You always said ‘just stay strong’
I need you to tell me that again
I wonder if you can see it
See the pain in my eyes
People around me can
So can you see it too?
I long for you to come back
I miss you!

The author's comments:
This to someone i was really close to then he got a girlfriend and she wont tlet him talk to me. He was like my brother my best fried. I looked up to him and he i guess never realized how much he ment to me. Always let the ones around you know how much the mean to you so they miight not let go.

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