It'll Be Alright

February 7, 2012
By , ny, NY
I know it kill you not knowing what they say to your face.
Dont they know you have feelings to?
You hurt because of their words.
How can you forget something you dont know?
They say what you dont know wont hurt you...but to me thats the compelet opposite.
How many times have you cried over what they said?
How many times have you tried to fit in only to fit out more?
I never understood how people could make fun of someone they dont know.
Maybe its because the dont know them?
Others say its because they have problems of their owns.
But why do they have to pick on you to make you have more problems for yourself.
But then again why should they care? your not one of them.
I wonder do they even think about what they do to you emotionally.
At what point would they stop?
You think the day you kill yourself.
But why give them your life to please themself?

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