Dream of childhood

February 7, 2012
By Anonymous

It is hard to promise a broken heart that everything will be okay when you already know how the end will start. We lie to our self, that there is a safe heaven in the land of despair, so we have a chance against the insanity. We believe that the simple fabric of our blankets will protect and reflect anything the world wants to hurl at us. We tie two ends of our cape around our neck and run around house in our underwear as if we were super heroes, that had the powers to save the ones we love but our hearts couldn't understand the cruelty of the world. 
As the years zipped by, the dream starts to fade away, we all have our moments childhood as being a teenager. We'll slip back to the parallel universe that locked away, captured by the bandits of realism and banned to the chains of jealousy. Dragged at the feet and forced to grown up when all you want to do is run away in your underwear one more time. Now we have escaped the madhouse they have disguise for years to be a school, but as soon we leave the past behind, the dream does not follow. It has been weaken through out the year of isolation, you leave as it lays in the dirt and dies off. Life has finally won, you never go back to the dream, it has made you its slave and now trapped in the abyss until you take your last breath.  You push your body to its limits then you push even more, working everyday just to scrap by. Body parts crumbling as you fall to the bed to have another dreamless night. We fall in and out of love like it is programed into our hearts, but we'll meet the one that will take the breath out of our lungs and shine brighter then all others. After the promises that you will break later in time, you will make the next love in your life, a new born baby, that will change everything you have thought about life.   The dream you had as a child doesn't come back, but a new takes life with the baby. A sign of hope, the chance to evade the war that is banging at your front door. In the middle of carnage, the sound of a baby's laugh will be heard. You both would run through-out the house with the simple fabric tied around your necks and wearing nothing but the common underwear. Pretending to beat up the "baddies" and saving the damsel in stress, spend hours of the day flying and being that little kid again. As the night sky starts to glow and the stars woken; it is time to take the little hero to sleep. You watch their fragile eyes close, memories play in your head and of those memories, the one memory of being a child takes a deep breath and you smile.

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