Secret Crush

February 7, 2012
By Intellectual_Mindseeet SILVER, Los Angeles, California
Intellectual_Mindseeet SILVER, Los Angeles, California
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He is the chocolate cover to my strawberry,
The whisper to my ear,
The bass in my music,
Baby, what can I do to deserve someone so sweet and perfect like you?
The fairytale ending to a reckless year of 2011,
The wonderful beginning to the start of 2012,
The start of something new, yes boo that’s you!
It started with a message now it’s the late night phone conversations
The minutes, hours, days, weeks and months
Seem to have slipped through my fingers.
I didn’t think I was prepared for a new journey
But baby I know I have someone who is willing to lead me.
It’s too soon to say “I love you.” But I know I’m falling for you
Spending time with you is what I need to do.
Buried my feelings for the past,
Now I’m growing my feelings for you
Praying we last.
My own Prince Charming
I can be your Cinderella but I’m afraid
About risking it all, at the ball
Once the clock strikes 12pm
I don’t want it to end Just want more time to express my feelings again.

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