could he be

February 7, 2012
By ShyGirlalways101 GOLD, Dover, Delaware
ShyGirlalways101 GOLD, Dover, Delaware
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love is a war

Can he be the one that steal my heart away or will i be just be made a fool again. Will this just be another game one around and when we done he gone. Is this for real when he says i love you to me. Can he see how nervous i feel when he around me. My mind gets cloudy when he near it skips a beat just from his name. Yet is he keeper the Mr.right or just another false like the rest. I will give you my heart my everything if you for real. My heart is not a toy it a treasure waiting to be found. I know i some times am a selfish brat but he says he loves me any ways. can he see past all my bad and sees the me that no one else can hardly see. I love with my heart will give my heart to the real one. Under this mask i hide under he sees that me and took it off. Your the light of hope that found me in the town of shadows. In light i appeared like nothing but shadow but you saw past that and saw me. Love once would run away from me nd happiness was my enemy now they are my friends. Wrap me in blanket of your love and let me into the heart of gold that is there. Don;t play games like rest be my Mr.right i get tired of these frogs be the princes out of all the frogs. The jokers and players who made me look a fool is gone but left scars and gap in my heart that started go away since i have met him. Each day these scars are healing and i forget the pain and only see him

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