Dreadful Dream

February 7, 2012
"I've lived this moment berfore;
I've been here in a dream-
I've died here in your arms;"
he said as she sliped away-
he kept asking himself;
"what am I missing?
There is something im not seeing;
but what could it be?"
Has the thought ran acroos his mind-
he ached in pain;
What could it be?
I must dream once more;
to find the reason-
the reason on why:
why I dream a dreadful dream."
Has night came-
his closed eyes;
met his bed-
he faded away:
to once more-
gasp for a breath;
Please come back;"
once again she slips away;
as he cries out-
why this moment?
will I ever know?"
has he wakes up-
to a fierce shake;
he sees the girl-
Pleading for help.
He looks around-
he is in the alley;
he knows he is awake;
he helps the girl;
as a bright light appears in his eyes-
he falls in the girls arms-
as he sees her-
slip away,
he realizes the dreadful dream;
was his life:
Slipping away.

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