The Unspoken

February 7, 2012
I let my guard down
The door to my heart was open
That’s the day you came around,
Life changed, I felt the unspoken.

You looked as simple as a raindrop,
But I was wrong, you took me by storm.
Just one look at you made my heart stop;
You were so out of my norm.

Why did you have to come?
My life was perfect as can be.
I was doing fine alone,
Couldn’t you see?

You make it hard for me to breathe,
When your hand encloses mine.
I can’t bear to see you leave
Please don’t waste my time!

You act like I’m a toy, a yo-yo,
Pushing me away, but excepting me to come back.
I had enough its time for you to go now,
Don’t you dare expect me to call you back.

Just walk away don’t turn around.
Please for your sake and mine,
Accept the wall, don’t break it down.
Get out of my heart, close the door,
Life will go on, I am sure.

If you haven’t got the picture yet,
That you aren’t wanted here.
I’m sorry, just please forget.
Forget that I existed, and don’t shed a tear.

If you feel the need,
We can still be friends,
But, boy please take heed,
Love won’t happen again.

My arms are closed.
My heart isn’t open.
My door is locked to the unspoken.

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