Life as a Teen

February 7, 2012
By DumbSkoolBoy BRONZE, Kansas, Missouri
DumbSkoolBoy BRONZE, Kansas, Missouri
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I have split two personalities,
One of them might cut you in two,
The other is nice is cool,
But when they come together it’s a shame,
They help me see society whack game,
Cause the society makes me sick,
Having a deadbeat daddy in my life make me wonna quiet,
Because I’m sick of all the favoritism
One minute I’m loved and full of wisdom,
One minute I’m sad and all alone,
Trying to find out what song is on the radio,
But yet I still don’t get it,
Why my brothers with they daddy,
But when I turn around theirs no one I can call papa,
But yet he says he promise to do better,
Then I turn around it feel like my heart getting pulled out.
But yet I still stay strong,
Cause a teen in this world is alone,
While his family is dead gone.

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