Life Isn't What You Set It Out To Be

February 7, 2012
By xXxMizHonestyXxX BRONZE, Sleepy Eye, Minnesota
xXxMizHonestyXxX BRONZE, Sleepy Eye, Minnesota
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Life is a word most taken for by people to there fullest advantage. People think that life is the most easiest thing in the world. But wait,wait,wait....Life isn't all that you set it out to be. Why isn't all that fun,well let's see. Some people got a mortgage to pay,light,bill's,maybe even child-support. Well life isn't all you wish it to be. There's hate crimes,killing,and hurting,tormenting,and abduction. SO for the people out there that think that LIFE is EASY...Well get a clue cause it ain't. LIFE ISN'T WHAT YOU SET IT OUT TO BE. It's how you perceive and make it to be for yourself.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem for the sI'mple fact that a lot of people seem like they got everything all figured out and i admit sometI'mes I'm like that.But we really know that life ain't all what we set it out to be.

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