Where I'm From

February 7, 2012
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I am from the golden yellow sands,

And the foaming waves of Stone Harbor, New Jersey.
I am from my grandma’s quiet and pleasant house in the Pocono’s.
It’s there where we would take long hikes through the woods, and sled right into the gigantic pine trees.

I am from the long summer days of contently playing at the bumpy bridge park.
I am from the hot, steamy cups of hot chocolate and marshmallows you drink after hours of playing in the white fluffy snow.
I am from the huge turquoise pool that greets you each summer with cool refreshing water.
I am from my books that bring my mind to faraway lands full of mystery and adventure.

I am from the boat that carries me across the cold, murky lakes of Maine.
I am from my mom, who has the same exact sense of humor and creativity as me.
I am from the family who sings as loud as they can when their favorite song comes on the radio.
I am from the house where people sneak bites of cookie dough at seven o’clock in the morning

I am from the playful night of staying up late to watch American idol.
I am from the chubby, one-eyed cat named Weeg,
Who I had for my whole life and loved him up until the day he passed.
I am from the John Denver music that helped me drift off into a peaceful sleep each and every night.

In the corner of my room there are several boxes overflowing with pictures.
Those worn precious photos bring tears to my eyes whenever I look at them.
These are the memories I hold dear to my heart,

And for as long as I live I will never forget where I am from.

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