Dopey On_______

February 7, 2012
By Sabrina9305 GOLD, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Sabrina9305 GOLD, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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There she goes again, my love
With Ebony hair that catches the glow the fire
Her crimson lips pursed together
She cleans a cast iron skillet in the basin
With useless steel wool
Her pale fingers wrinkle more by the minute
Distress claims my spirit
Seven men claim this angel for their own
Each secretly pine for her affections as they hug their pillows at night
Yet none will swallow their dwarfly pride
And help this beautiful creature clean the skillet she dwells upon
Grumpy may seek her attention through his mood swings
Doc may pursue her openly claiming to have his medical license
Sleepy may play the depressed card
But no one has truly romanced this darling one
No one has shown her heat, passion, or love
It is time to step on the others
For years, these imbeciles have made fun of me
Thinking that I was too stupid to know left from right

And for years I have played the part of a half-wit for my amusement
No more
No fool am I
Tonight dopiness will end
My true nature shall be revealed

She will smile the smile that makes my heart go wild
As we embrace in a lover’s style
But if this plan should fall to the gallows
Then, my dear and local fellows,
Do not be alarmed
For I am already armed
The poison apple is near
But I am sure Snow White will have nothing to fear

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