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February 7, 2012
By ShyGirlalways101 GOLD, Dover, Delaware
ShyGirlalways101 GOLD, Dover, Delaware
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love is a war

We yell and fight these screams of anger that echo isn't getting ether of us any where. I love you with all my heart baby but all these arguments starting to destroy us and put cracks in my heart. My heart cry from the pain we both cause t each other. I don;t want hurt you and you don;t want hurt me but all these dark clouds are starting control us like puppets. Our sunny days once was around now it like we both shut each other out some times. It raining acid on my heart and putting scars on it again. Let down your shield and put down your sword and i will bring down my walls again. This war we playing with each other has destroyed us and making our love wither away. I don;t want us be picture perfect couple then be total enemy's. We both have made marks and have open place in our hearts that just want be filled but same time don;t want be hurt again.Can you see past my anger and see the girl who just wanna be by you side but don't want cross the lines the war has made. This fighting isn't getting you and me anywhere only setting us back a step. Blood shed of anger is being shed and no one will win we will all lose some how in this war that is going on put down your sword and i will do same let us go back to where we once and be my princes who saves me not the person who i am fighting against. I will be your princess make this book a fairy tale again close this chapter and make a new chapter for us where we is back to the princes and princess fairy tale again. Steal my heart again and find the key that i lost you have it its right in your hand but you can't see it or know you already have the key to my heart. Some times it like those days were only a dream and i forget they ever happened please come back me and remind me of those days i cling to those sweet days they are the flame that keep me going

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