The silent redemer

February 6, 2012
By Regina SILVER, Huntington Beach, California
Regina SILVER, Huntington Beach, California
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Sorry that I wasn't there
It wasn't because I didn't care,
I wish I had known
I would have come running, If I had to I'd of flown
I'd have done anything if only I was aware
Held your hand and said a prayer
Sat by your side and made you laugh
Sang a song or two
Oh I'm sorry I wasn't there for you,
I hadn't the slightest approximation
You and I, we never really had much of a relation
But that never ceased my admiration
And now that I know, I admire you so much more
So I promised myself I'd no longer live this life I abhor
You, even from a distance, were my inspiration
To get my life together and stand once again on solid foundation
You brought me out of the ashes and back to my church
You were my strength
You were my courage
If it weren't for you, I'd still be living a life of misery
If it wasn't for you I can guarantee
I'd still be headed down a road I never wanted to embark on
I would have never been able to do it on my own
No matter how much I wanted to come back
And be in God's good grace again
I would have never had the power to stand on my own two feet
All I'd ever amount to would be a deadbeat
I was dealing with a lot these past few years
I had way too many doubts, and far too many fears
My life was spiraling out of control
And I was so far from home
Mentally and physically
So instead of fighting I just gave up
And in doing so, made my life corrupt
God called to me time and time again
And for some reason I just wouldn't listen
I was too far gone
But then I saw you in that picture
With your bare head, and pale face
But you didn't look scared
You didn't look defeated
You looked like you were determined
Determined to beat it
Whatever "it" might be
You looked remarkably beautiful
More beautiful than I'd ever remembered
And that was when it hit me like a lightning bolt, and I burst into tears
I thought...If you can go through all of that and not lose hope or faith
And still have that warm smile spread upon your face
Then I could certainly manage to find a better way to deal with my pain
You made me pick myself up
And get my act together
Through you God brought me back to Him
You helped me reunite with my only God, my only Father
You helped me without even knowing
You helped me without even trying
I only wish I could return the favor
The reason I'm back at church, the reason I'm once again happy
Is you, your journey started mine
The journey that led me back home
God used you in more ways than you will ever know
You're a lifesaver Luke Gane
My life saver
My Silent Redeemer!

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