February 6, 2012
By Princess0409 SILVER, Riverton, Illinois
Princess0409 SILVER, Riverton, Illinois
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Promises don't last forever, they usually fade away. You said you'd always be there but ial just hold on to you today. I let my guard down, I let you in. Eventually I found out you won't ever let me win. You'll always be too good for me. You won't give me a chance to show you what we could be. Everything changed after you made a promise, a promise you couldn't keep. You left a hole in my chest; the pain went too deep. I told you things nobody else will never know. I promise I'm here, I won't let you go. You let me fall, you let me tumble. I'm starting to break, I'm starting to tumble. I'm fading away, my lifes slowly falling apart. You made a promise, one that I took to heart.

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