Never Again

February 6, 2012
By RakshaMalayka PLATINUM, West Allis, Wisconsin
RakshaMalayka PLATINUM, West Allis, Wisconsin
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L'amore che muove il sole l'altre stelle.

Its been so long
Since I've felt you on my skin
The sting of your touch
The way you make me feel
I kept our relationship secret
So long
I've pushed you away time again
I know i should say no
Stay strong
But I've surrendered yet again
To your crimson kiss
This ugly act.
The beautiful pain
The sweet crimson warmth
Bubbling up from within.
Why must you tempt me so
Leaving me only with scars
Scars to hide from luring eyes.
I've messed up yet again
And i haven't a clue
How to get out of this crimson mess.
Kneeling on the floor
Red rivers flow slow
Too late to turn back
Trying to pick up the pieces.
I've broken my promises
More times than not
Hearing my yearning skin scream
Surrendering to you again,
Never again.
Accepting your kiss
To watch the red rivers flow,
Never again.
To keep our secret relationship
And feel your beautiful pain,
Never again.
Breaking promises
Just to pick myself up again
Never more.
They can see through my shield
You are a drug
My drug
A quick fix
A mistake.
I've made a promise
This time I'm keeping it
I'm picking myself up yet again
The last time.
This was a mistake
And never again,
Never again will i surrender
To your crimson kiss.

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