Its Always Darkest Before the Dawn

January 28, 2012
By Karco130 BRONZE, Englewood, Ohio
Karco130 BRONZE, Englewood, Ohio
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Its always darkest before the dawn
i feel like a silly little pawn
stuck in a game of chess
that i know wont end in success
if i know i am going to lose
why try
because now life is just too hard
and i am sick of crying
i went to FCA today
and i find it cruel that god doesn't see
that i am slipping beneath the waves of destiny
one second longer and my lungs will burst
because i cant quench this ever growing thirst
to live and strive
to be happy and just survive this thing called life
i am fed up with pretending
because i have found i am now numb
and i am sick of feeling
i always end up hurting myself
without even realizing my wounds grow deeper
as i find out that the path i am going down is just getting steeper
its always darkest before the dawn
but i find it hard to believe
that my happiness isn't already gone

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