Tear of the Heart

January 22, 2012
Some say,
"People are in your past for a reason"
but what if they come back?
You move on with your life
just to be put back
to where you were before.
But you don't see that person
coming back into your life
as a bad thing.
Because then others say,
"If you let love go,
and it comes back to you,
it's meant to be"
How are you suppose to see it?
People make mistakes
for them to be in your past,
but people also change
to be worthy of your present.
It's a toll on your heart
to think of what the
right thing to do is.
You don't want to give them
the control to manipulate you,
and hurt you, tearing you apart.
But also, your heart is telling you
"It might be different this time.
Give them another chance."
Now your confused
and don't know what to do.
Placing more stress
on your already torn heart.

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