A Brief Moment in Time

January 22, 2012
By Anonymous

Dripping into the abyss, the water made a loud noise.
Rumbling noisily in the sky, the storm was scary.
Purring in her lap, the cat enticed her to pet it.
Crowing in the trees, the crows were an omen of bad fortune.
Sitting on a porch, the man told anecdotes.
Yowling on the fence, their cat frustrated the neighbors.
Tormenting the souls of the condemned, the fiend laughed maniacally.
Running through the field, the deer herd had a manifest location to reach, the lake.
Burning in the countryside, the bodies were a constant reminder of the pestilence sweeping the land.
Crying on his bed, the boy lamented the loss of his pet hamster.
Finishing her project, the girl wrote a citation telling where she got her information.
Surging through my basement, the flood made me resent building my house on low ground.
Freezing the outside of the house, the cold couldn't pervade the walls.
Steaming on a dinner plate, the turkey seemed like it was enough to satiate his hunger.
Drifting into the fog, the derelict seemed as if he was from a hundred years ago.
Chilling the food, the freezer purged it of bacteria.
Screaming epithets at his friends in school, he got in trouble.
Throwing reproaches at Wilson, his Dad was very annoyed.
Jumping into an aperture, she heard a helicopter's propellers.
Yelling about the armies' approach, the harbinger warned them.

The author's comments:
I was inspired by my English homework. Random sentences seemed like they could be happening all at the same time.

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