He Lays there

January 22, 2012
By ashley44 BRONZE, Rochester, Michigan
ashley44 BRONZE, Rochester, Michigan
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He lays there (nature)
He lays there, so still and beautiful,
Up close I see each definite strand of hair, brown, grey and black.
eyes splurging out of the sockets accompanied by the flies that surround the eyes,
a family gathering,
They jump around, I bet their smiling and their buzzing is each individual’s reminiscing laugh.
Attractive majestic wings shine silver and are a blue transparent color.
I look down below the mouth of the deer; it is sprung open, like he was singing the song of nature’s exquisiteness.
The tongue lies in the corner of the mouth and the blood has a spider web effect across the face.
his tongue is a purple- blue, mixed with a bruised yellow tint, leading me to think that this brute creation was enjoying nature’s savoriness. And as I stand up to depart from the deer, I smile, and out of the corner of my eye I see him wink at me.
I chuckle and grin inclusively wider.
so I sit back down to have another conversation with him.

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