just another teenage love story

January 22, 2012
By kamrynharris1 BRONZE, Helena, Alabama
kamrynharris1 BRONZE, Helena, Alabama
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The first day i saw you i got that nervous feeling, we didn't really talk mostly just said hello..Then days went on and we got closer, and i started to realize you were the one that i loved. i spent days thinking, wondering, if you felt the same.. i wanted to know so bad! i finally got the courage and told you i liked you. you seemed kind of shocked..you had a girlfriend at the time and i was single. we had become so close, then you told me you liked me more than her.. we got to hangout then night at a friends house..we weren't together yet but i still remember wondering..am i making the right choice? should i do this? the moment i felt you grab me and kiss me i realized i loved you. i remember you breaking it off with her for me that night. the feeling i got when that happened gave a sudden rush of something i have never felt before. i remember you didn't ask me out right then because of course there was homecoming..you told me you were going with her because it was already planned.. i cant remember how many times people told me to get away from you because all you were going to do is hurt me.. i remember crying all of homecoming wishing i was dead...then i thought to myself..im better than this.. i don't need him. but then..i realized..i loved you.

The author's comments:
i randomly made this up as i went along..its not very good..

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